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Patch Notes 24/11/2010


Stage 1 of Football Superstars localisation is now complete, this means Football Superstars in-game text is now available in French, Italian, German and Spanish and website text is available in those languages and more! Existing players can set the game language via the Settings menu on the ESC key once you are in the world. The website language can be set via the language selector in the top right corner of the navigation menu.

New Top Down View

You can now play football in two view modes; the existing Third Person View and a new Top Down View that enables you to play from high above the action. Press the Home and End keys to change views mid match or change your default view from the Settings menu on the ESC key once you are in the world. To get the most out of the Top Down View, existing players are encouraged to revisit the football tutorial to learn how the football controls vary in that mode.

Controller Support

FS now natively supports wired XBox controllers in the new Top Down View in football matches. We intend to add support for additional controllers as well as controller capability in Third Person View and the lifestyle world in coming months.

FS Credits

As of this patch FS Bonds are now known as FS Credits. FS Credits are purchased on our website and used in game the same way as FS Bonds, except that they are equal in value to an FS Dollar which means you can use them in game for any purchase without having to use a Bureau de Change to convert them first. As part of this change, player's existing FS Bonds savings will be automatically converted into the new appropriate FS Credit amount, for example if you had 12 FS Bonds previously you will now have 12,000 FS Credits.

In addition to this change, you can now also buy FS Credits directly in the game as well as via the website. Simply left-click the currency icons in your main toolbar or use the "Get FS Credits" button on any purchase interface to purchase FS Credits and receive them instantly in-game!

As part of this change, the Bureau de Change has been removed from the game as it is no longer required.

Visual Update

The FS game user interface (including in-match) has been given an updated look and feel.
The Football Superstars website has also undergone an update to be more user friendly and put the information you want right at your fingertips.

Help Tips

Players will now receive helpful tips as they explore and experience Football Superstars. Tips can be easily disabled or reactivated from the Settings menu on the ESC key once you are in the world.
General Patch Information

Match Gameplay

The "Tab" gather ball feature now only functions if the ball is not in possession of another player and you are within close range of the ball OR it's landing circle if it is mid-flight.
The "Tab" gather ball feature will now automatically cancel preloads. The Cancel Preload function is still available on V by default also.

Goalkeeper & AI

Collision is now temporarily removed from the ball when the keeper performs an in-play clearance kick.

Substitution & Player Voting

Players now correctly incur a match ban for being voted out of an FSC match.


A crash issue associated with exiting certain replays via the iSpot has been fixed.


Lockers are now available for no charge.
Several stat improving items can now only be purchased with FS Credits.


Tier 2 and higher skills can now only be purchased with FS Credits.

PMC Management

PMC creation cost has been reduced from 50,000 FS Dollars to 10,000 FS Dollars.
PMC's will no longer enter a state where members can be caused to disconnect upon login to the game.


FS worlds are ordered from low to high population in the world select screen.
The FS Patcher will now correctly remember and default selection to the last used world in the world select screen.

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